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Adventures Await! Travel in History with Raveable Bloggers

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Don’t you just love history channel? Personally, I am pretty much addicted to all things history. At Raveable, we are so fortunate to feature a couple of very knowledgeable history travel gurus. They blog about history as they travel to historic places. Through their writing I realized that Travel + History are powerful mix. So forget history channel, live history as you go and get inspiration from our Raveable bloggers:

Historical Travel – A tour guide to historical sites in the Mid-Atlantic states

Just a quick glance at Historical Travel and you will reliaze the amount of effort that Doug, the author, has put in building the content of this blog. He visited all the places he writes about. In each post, Doug gives a very good historical

b8background of the historic attraction he is visiting, plus many illustrations through a great photography. I’ve to confess that i read quite a bit of his work and just cannot get enough:) – Thanks Doug!

Here is a couple of my recommended reads: Chesapeake Bay Maritime MuseumThe B&O Railroad Museum

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The Lewis and Clark Trail
– Road Trip Planner for Historic Trail

Road trips can be the perfect scenario for exploring historic attractions. This site (it is not really a blog) shows you the route Lewis & Clark had taken in their expedition in 1804. If you up for some road tripping with a touch of history, use the trip planner to find the route along with quite a few attractions on the way.

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My Adventures in History
– “History teaches everything, including the future” – Lamartine b33

What drives me to reading blogs is the passion of the author. Rebecca, the author of My Adventures in History blog, is really really passionate about history and travel. It shows clearly in her work. Take this post, for example, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; here is another great post about The Confederate White House. Don’t miss the author list of top ten best posts.

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There a lot of hidden gems in these few history travel blogs. I’ve great appreciation to the wonderful work done by these folks. Please keep doing your amazing work.

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November 10, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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