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You Rave, We Rave Back

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The web is such a rich medium to exchange ideas, opinions, recommendations, stories ..etc. As with any massive sphere of interactions, only a few of all this content make it to the surface and become mainstream. The travel space is one of those very rich mediums where people write great travel tips, raving reviews of a hotel or a restaurant, or a great attraction for kids and share them through their blogs for the world to see. You feel good about it and people who read your post appreciates your efforts. As a blogger, it feels great to share and have impact on other people. I speak of a personal experience.

But let’s face it, there are millions of blogs and billions of posts. The question is how to make your content reach the eyes of travelers? Well, that’s a tough questions. Many people try but today I am going to tell you how Raveable is going to help you:

You Rave: Blog to Your Heart’s Contentblogger

You love to blog and share. Don’t let traffic growth deter your passion and desire to help other fellow travelers. Blogs are meant to be personal expression, so enjoy your freedom and insist on:

  • Writing your best and greatest posts
  • Expressing your own opinions on your own blog; don’t write for someone else’s blog.
  • Fully own the right to your content. You write it, you own it.

As you conclude every post and feel like it is useful to someone planning a trip on raveable, then you final step before clicking the publish button is to add Raveable Blogger Badge to the post.

Rave Back: Your Post Reach Travelers on Raveable

I have to confess that I love great posts and admire bloggers so much. We feel that bloggers produce the most authentic content there is. It reflects their personal experience. It is voluntarily and not paid for. It is just an awesome act of kindness that we adore so much. Like no other company in the travel space, we feature bloggers on our most precious page, Raveable Homepage.

It is our mission to bring the best content on the front of the eyes of travelers. A teaser from your post will go alongside our content in very highly relevant fashion. At the end of the teaser we put a direct link to your post. We call it RaveBack link.

You might wonder, why a teaser? Well, the idea is to send traffic your way. If we put the full post on raveable, visitors have no incentive to visit your blog. A word of advice here: be wary of sites that capture the full post as Google dismisses your post if it finds it duplicated on multiple sites. Not good for you.

Moreover, your blog will have a profile on raveable with your featured posts organized by topic and city. We also show links to your twitter and facebook accounts to make it easy for people to find and follow you.

See Examples, Learn More, Get Started

The Mother of all Trips is a great family blog. Mara keeps the blog fresh with a lot of great tips that a traveling family will find of great use.moat

On Raveable, Mara’s blog posts show in the following pages:

On Mather of all Trips blog, raveable badge on posts that Mara chose to feature on reaveable:

  • Example badge: find Raveable badge is stamped at the end of this post

You can learn more about YouRave\RaveBack program on raveable bloggers page. On twitter, you can find me actively twittering on @raveable account. Feel free to ask me a question or follow tweets about new YouRave posts from you and other featured bloggers.

If you are interested in becoming a YouRave’r – ping me through email at (rafik at raveable dot com) or through twitter and I will follow up with you.

Let the YouRaves be heard!

Written by Rafik

October 9, 2009 at 6:51 pm

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