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Hotels near attractions and landmarks anyone?

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Feels great to keep adding new pages to Raveable.com. Right after launch we got consistent feedback that searching for hotels near landmarks or attractions is needed. We agree. In fact, adding hotel collections near attractions was on our roadmap from the get go but your feedback was instrumental in prioritize the work needed to get it out soon. I am excited to see the Raveable team stepping up and delivering our first key feature after beta launch in about 3 weeks! While we have not covered all the attractions we wish to cover, but we are getting there and you should see new collections added every week.

Enough talking about it, let me give you a quick glimpse of what we have just released. Let see one example from Myrtle Beach (one of my favorite places to getaway). You can always see the best hotels in Myrtle Beach, romantic hotels in Myrtle Beach, top 10 hotels in Myrtle Beach …  along with the hotel class collections that I think you might have seen already as it is provided for all cities. Now you can see hotels located near Ripley’s Aquarium or within walking distance to Hard Rock Park. Not just that, we give you a quick quote from a hotel guest review commenting about this key attraction using the millions of reviews we index from all over the internet. Here is quick screen capture showing Harbour Lights Resort hotel which is 0.4 miles away from Hard Rock Park. Notice the quote from reviews shows comments about how close the Hard Rock Park to the hotel. Also we make sure to show Raveable most-known-for ranking score so that you can gauge if the hotel is any good with respect to other hotels in the city.

 Hotels nearby Hard Rock Park

I hope this would help some of you find hotel near their points of interest. Please send us feedback. You can also keep up with us on twitter (@raveable)

Written by Rafik

May 20, 2009 at 7:39 pm

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The joy of building something travelers want

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If there is one thing I want the world to know about us, the founders of raveable, is that we are so customer focused to the point of being obsessed! That might explain why we are bugging people on twitter (@raveable) with messages like “would love to get your feedback” and “Tell us what you think”. Imagine getting this kind of tweets from someone who you don’t know asking about a feedback for a site you never heard about or seen before. Before launching our beta, we wandered coffee shops in the Redmond\Seattle area showing people few design concepts on our laptops and asking them to tell us what they like, dislike … now that we are public we gonna be all over twitter, this blog, facebook, myspace and all feedback channels imaginable:)

One thing I learned is that people always wanted to help. isn’t that amazing?

The feedback we got we talked about at length, prioritized it, and carved sometime for it in our plans. I am not sure what other consumer web sites do but working with customers and building a product that people wanted is a real joy; it is the only way we build software here at raveable.

So if you have a comment or a piece of feedback on how we improve and serve the travel community better, then don’t hesitate to ping us over email or on twitter.

Written by Rafik

May 19, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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Do you get what you pay for?

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We were having lunch the other day and an interesting discussion came up.  Why does price inherently increase customer satisfaction?


Ratings from hotel reviews increase as hotel class increases

Ratings from hotel reviews increase as hotel class increases

Our database of millions of hotel reviews reports that guests are inherently happier when they stay at a 5-star hotel vs. a 4-star hotel. The same is true for a 4-star hotel vs. a 3-star hotel and so forth.

Is it true that if you spend more money you will be naturally happier with the hotel?  The answer from hotel reviews is yes.

Why do you think hotel guest satisfaction increase as hotel class increases?

Written by Philip

May 11, 2009 at 12:53 am

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